Tuesday, November 9, 2010

My two year old birthday party

I was so busy at work and to making my little one birthday party…

Here are some pictures of my little one birthday party


This are the invitations, I create for her Birthday, I want to get a picture of her like this, but she do not like pictures, so I looking in the web for a picture , I just add the information.

For the decoration I create an arch to welcome our Fairies and Elves to the party

 Made her Birthday banner, ups I forget one h in birthday . . .

Here are the tutus for our guess, also make the costumes for our elves

For the goody bags I made some flowers, they turn pretty good
Here is my older daughter, I do some face painting

and we have a pinata, this one of the few pictures I can take of my little one, she enjoy her birthday party but she do not like pictures....

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Shower curtain hooks

these are my old shower curtains hooks, with the new shower curtain that I make,  I want something different, thinking to re use these old hooks . . .

what  I use:

scraps pieces of fabric
fusible fabric
left overs from the green
floss tread
Mod pod glue

First I cut the squares of  fabric for the flowers about 4" x 4" (2 of each color), and fuse together. Cut the shape other flower, with the left over pieces I cut circles out ( 2 different sizes) for the center; also cut the green in 4" x 4" then select the buttons .  .  .

when I have all the flowers and circles cut, start the combinations . . .

When I have the combinations that I want, start the ensemble . . . stitching the button in the center of the flower, to add some dimension I put one button in the bottom too, and stitch together to center of the green square . . .

to mounted in the hook I use the mod  podge glue, and before it dry I add couple stitches in the back to secure it.

and here is my fabric flowers hook, hope you like this, and enjoy it


Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Girl’s bathroom

This time I would like to share my girl’s bathroom of my girls… I love PBK stuff, when we go to the store my hubby always said “you can do these”, and here I’m. . .

First I star with the shower curtains

And you can tell I can’t wait to hang this shower curtain (I steam iron after I hung it)

To make these shower curtain I use

• flat bed sheet

• Light green fabric about 2 yards

• A ¼ of fabric dark green

• Scraps of fabric for the flowers

• Craft paper to make the templates

• Fusible fabric

First I cut and made the button holes for the shower curtain hooks, I trace the flowers and cut the fabric, and zig zag the appliqués , in the botton of the shower curtain put a stripe of light green.

the shower curtain hooks


Making the set of towels for my girls


I Add this butterflies that my Mom bring me from Mexico

And my wash cloth basquet

I love the result, my 8 years old girl love it, I'm new making tutorials, but working on, will post soon

hope you like these too, and want to hear from you....


Wednesday, June 16, 2010

4th of July wreath

Today I finish my door wreath for 4th of July

To make this you need

Fabric (blue, red and white)
Wreath (your preference)
Hot glue
White foamy stars

First cut strips of fabric about 3" each you can change you wide
3 strips of blue
7 strips of red
6 strips of white

I take my strips to the sew machine to make my ruffles, start with the 3 blue, 1 red, 1 white and continue the pattern

When you have the ruffles, start ensemble your wreath

Keep wrapping the ruffles until you finish; at the end you add your starts.

Hope you like these.


Monday, June 7, 2010

Crayon holder

This weekend I working on my cousins gifts, my mom will go back to our town Mexico, and she ask if I can made something for them, looking trough the web I find this tutorial from skiptomylou web,
my Mommy love it, I hope you love it too

Hope you like . . .

Friday, June 4, 2010

Little touch for the girl’s bathroom

Today redecorating my girls bath, coming the idea on the washcloths, my mom told me that be more sanitizer if I have individual washcloth to dry hands also on my daughter birthday party, the towel for dry the hand was very wet, also this can work for a baby shower gift, so this is what I do . . .

I have this basket, and washcloths

Having many colors I can play a little, I utilize two washcloths in color green, to represent my leaves,

And the other in different colors to represent my flowers, is so simple that adding a touch for the bath

For the flower fold the washcloth in half, and later you roll it to shape like a rouse, when you have it, arrange it in the basket, it is done, and you also will need another basket to put the duty washcloths in



Hope you like it . . .


Tuesday, June 1, 2010


Last Friday I receive an invitation from my daughter school she is in 2nd grade, she finish the years and they do some awards for the kids, yes I’m a proud mom, I decide to do something for the special event my daughter will receive one

This is the pin for everyone to wear. . . I made it with ribbon, wood circles, black pen, and hot glue, for the hat I use foamy

This is the arrangement that she receive for her achievement, it is made with foamy (I will post the templates and instructions soon)

And this is a little gift for every one

For this I found this candy at Wal-Mart for .25 cents a peace, what a deal, and the colors for the school are purple and gold, they match :)

The graduation hat is made with card stock and the tassel is made with quilting paper technique; but I use a copy paper (cut the strips)

I love it, if you have any comment s or suggestions please leave here

hope you like it, I'll post the templets soon