Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Girl’s bathroom

This time I would like to share my girl’s bathroom of my girls… I love PBK stuff, when we go to the store my hubby always said “you can do these”, and here I’m. . .

First I star with the shower curtains

And you can tell I can’t wait to hang this shower curtain (I steam iron after I hung it)

To make these shower curtain I use

• flat bed sheet

• Light green fabric about 2 yards

• A ¼ of fabric dark green

• Scraps of fabric for the flowers

• Craft paper to make the templates

• Fusible fabric

First I cut and made the button holes for the shower curtain hooks, I trace the flowers and cut the fabric, and zig zag the appliqués , in the botton of the shower curtain put a stripe of light green.

the shower curtain hooks


Making the set of towels for my girls


I Add this butterflies that my Mom bring me from Mexico

And my wash cloth basquet

I love the result, my 8 years old girl love it, I'm new making tutorials, but working on, will post soon

hope you like these too, and want to hear from you....