Friday, June 4, 2010

Little touch for the girl’s bathroom

Today redecorating my girls bath, coming the idea on the washcloths, my mom told me that be more sanitizer if I have individual washcloth to dry hands also on my daughter birthday party, the towel for dry the hand was very wet, also this can work for a baby shower gift, so this is what I do . . .

I have this basket, and washcloths

Having many colors I can play a little, I utilize two washcloths in color green, to represent my leaves,

And the other in different colors to represent my flowers, is so simple that adding a touch for the bath

For the flower fold the washcloth in half, and later you roll it to shape like a rouse, when you have it, arrange it in the basket, it is done, and you also will need another basket to put the duty washcloths in



Hope you like it . . .