Thursday, July 1, 2010

Shower curtain hooks

these are my old shower curtains hooks, with the new shower curtain that I make,  I want something different, thinking to re use these old hooks . . .

what  I use:

scraps pieces of fabric
fusible fabric
left overs from the green
floss tread
Mod pod glue

First I cut the squares of  fabric for the flowers about 4" x 4" (2 of each color), and fuse together. Cut the shape other flower, with the left over pieces I cut circles out ( 2 different sizes) for the center; also cut the green in 4" x 4" then select the buttons .  .  .

when I have all the flowers and circles cut, start the combinations . . .

When I have the combinations that I want, start the ensemble . . . stitching the button in the center of the flower, to add some dimension I put one button in the bottom too, and stitch together to center of the green square . . .

to mounted in the hook I use the mod  podge glue, and before it dry I add couple stitches in the back to secure it.

and here is my fabric flowers hook, hope you like this, and enjoy it