Wednesday, January 26, 2011

napking paper flowers

Valentines is around the corner, between work kids and hubby I been do a little crafts, I start with this napkin flowers.

The flowers are super easy to do, I saw last year the tutorial in dana made it, and I make some for my little girl birthday party.

To make the napkin flowers you will need:

- Napkins (you can buy in the dollar store)

- Pipe cleaner

- Scissors

First you unfold 4 napkins of the same color, for the center I use something that contrast, but cut the border of this so get a little smile, how I show in the picture below

When you have your napkins together you star to fold all of them about an inch each fold to form a fan

In the middle you will tied it with the pipe cleaner, you can use string also.

After you tide it, cut the ends to give the shape

Now you open the petals and give the shape

And it is done

Here is one of the places I put this flowers

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Valentine mobile

Yesterday my honey wants to go to big lots! Store, I went with him and found this stickers (was a good deal because the bag come with 6 packs) and I only pay $1.00 for it; I like the shapes and the sparkles and this is what come in my mind.

 My Valentine mobile . . .

For this I use:

- Stickers (you can cut the hearts in felt or paper)

- Embroidery hoops

- fishing line

- Pom-poms

- Ribbon

First I wrap the ribbon around one of the embroidery hoop and put it aside. After I measured the lent of my mobile and left like 20 to 25 inches for tide it to the embroidery hoop

With my strip already cut, take the stickers, and put two of the same in between the stickers, add a pom poms and sticker, you create your own pattern; when you done you can tide them in the embroidery hoop with the rest of the fishing line, pull all together in the center to make the loop to hang it, and you are done

hope you enjoy . . .

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Valentine Day wreath

Valentine Day wreath

I saw this today and I want feature this idea today! This is from Moms of All Trades, she made this with Cardboard, Ribbon/twine, Glue and Embellishments (old shirts, beads, felt, buttons)

hope you enjoy it like I do. . .

Valentine wreath

This past weekend, I was working on my Valentine wreath for my door, I get a little busy between my work and my home, but always I make time to craft something.

I star wrapping around the heart shape with tulle

Next I make my flowers; you can find the tutorial here, they are super easy to do.

Now you can star ensemble the wreath, if you use brass, just pin the flower to the foam heart shape, if you use buttons you can glue them in.

In the back I pin the ribbon, to make a bow and hang it  in my door.

hope you enjoy . . .

Prima Flower

My mom was looking in the web, and sends me a picture of a flower and asks me if I can do it.

They call it prima flowers

For this flower you will need:

- Tulle any color

- Scissors

- Tea candle with a glass

- Tweezers

- Brass

first of all you need to determine what size of flower you want,  for this I use a 3" circles you need about 7 and a bras, you can use a plain brass or decorative, if you use plain you can put on tap a pretty jewelry or button


After you cut your circles, you folded in a 1/4, and hold them with your tweezers, how I show you in the picture

light up your candle, and get close the tulle, only need the warm, not direct to the flame, (tulle burn real easy), recommended you try one first, can a rotate it around, to the ends of the circles get crispy a little bit.

The circles my glue together but don’t worry, jus take them apart and unfold it. When you done with all the circles it is time to ensemble the flower

You will star overlapping each circle (I use 7 circles for this flower), when you finish, use the brass in the middle, and open it, you can use a gem or a button to give different finish; and is done.

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Tissue Gift Wrap Kissing Ball

here is beutiful decoration for Valentine's Day

 I saw this today and I want feature this idea today! This is from Madelyn at Sharing the Wealth! she made this with out of computer paper and tissue wrapping paper. Here's how she did it:

book mark

My mom saw this book markers in the web, she describe it to me, she ask me if I can make them for her because she have some kids that she would like to give to them and here is the result ...

Here is the lady bug book holder

Also I have other designs

**please come back for the instructions**

if you would like the patterns, please leave a comment and you e-mail, I will be happy to send it to you.

Monday, January 10, 2011

Valentine's scarf

Today I star to making a scarfs for my girls . . .

Here is my little sweet hear showing her scarf . . . she is so sweet :)

Firs I buy some fleece fabric and only need 1/4 of the yard, this can be with design or solid your choice.

I use a heart design and a solid fleece fabric for mine ones, I cut 1 strip of each fabric measure 4 3/4 inches wide by 33 inches long each, in the rest of my red fleece fabric I cut a heart in my red fleece fabric. (You can make it more wide if you desire it )

sew the heart and turn over, sew the heart on the side you chuce, and onle sew the bottom and part of the top part of the scarf, that leave me an open thant I can put the other end of the scarf trough.

after you sew the heart, you put the to strip together and sew them together, leave one end open so you can turn the inside out of you scarf and sew the end.

And whala this is my scarf finish . . .  

hope you like it and enjoy it.