Tuesday, November 9, 2010

My two year old birthday party

I was so busy at work and to making my little one birthday party…

Here are some pictures of my little one birthday party


This are the invitations, I create for her Birthday, I want to get a picture of her like this, but she do not like pictures, so I looking in the web for a picture , I just add the information.

For the decoration I create an arch to welcome our Fairies and Elves to the party

 Made her Birthday banner, ups I forget one h in birthday . . .

Here are the tutus for our guess, also make the costumes for our elves

For the goody bags I made some flowers, they turn pretty good
Here is my older daughter, I do some face painting

and we have a pinata, this one of the few pictures I can take of my little one, she enjoy her birthday party but she do not like pictures....