Thursday, March 3, 2011

Castle Pinata

These are simple steps to make a castle piñata for a birthday party.

In this days we have different techniques to create a piñata, you can do with the basic elements like news paper, glue and tissue paper, exist also different glues like hot glue and other type of glue that people been use.


Cardboard box rectangular (the sizes can depended of how big you want hem)

Corrugated roll (if don’t have you can use a cardboard box)

Construction paper

Tissue paper two colors



Sponge brush




            In the rectangular box, make holes in the sides of the box, and insert the rope from one side to the other making a cross, and in the tap make the holes and pas the rope to and you form the handle to hang the piñata; and close the box with tape.

With the corrugated roll (or the cardboard box*), measure the size of the rectangular box and left an extra peace to attach to the box wit tape; you will do the same to the other size.

* if you use the card board make couple cuts in the are that will bee inside so you can give the round form.

After attach the sides to the castle, you need to close the bottom of the sides wit cardboard; trace the shape and cut, you en clue or tape.

For the top, with the construction paper you make the cone that fit in the open en glue them.

The details of the windows and the door you can make them with black construction paper if you want to put flags in the towers, you can do them with a toothpick and a triangle construction paper.

With the tissue paper you will cut them in strips of 5 in. and make also the cut vertical (see the picture)

The quantity needed will depend on how big is the piñata. You may want help in that part or cut enough and save the left over

Now that the shape is form, the windows and the door are glue to the castle; we star to decorate with the tissue paper. With the sponge brush apply glue directly to the cardboard and start applies the tissue paper going around the piñata.

For the bottom you can use a sheet o two you just glue them to cover

When you finish to wrap the piñata with the tissue paper, you need make the hole to put the candies