Monday, January 10, 2011

Valentine's scarf

Today I star to making a scarfs for my girls . . .

Here is my little sweet hear showing her scarf . . . she is so sweet :)

Firs I buy some fleece fabric and only need 1/4 of the yard, this can be with design or solid your choice.

I use a heart design and a solid fleece fabric for mine ones, I cut 1 strip of each fabric measure 4 3/4 inches wide by 33 inches long each, in the rest of my red fleece fabric I cut a heart in my red fleece fabric. (You can make it more wide if you desire it )

sew the heart and turn over, sew the heart on the side you chuce, and onle sew the bottom and part of the top part of the scarf, that leave me an open thant I can put the other end of the scarf trough.

after you sew the heart, you put the to strip together and sew them together, leave one end open so you can turn the inside out of you scarf and sew the end.

And whala this is my scarf finish . . .  

hope you like it and enjoy it.