Saturday, January 22, 2011

Valentine mobile

Yesterday my honey wants to go to big lots! Store, I went with him and found this stickers (was a good deal because the bag come with 6 packs) and I only pay $1.00 for it; I like the shapes and the sparkles and this is what come in my mind.

 My Valentine mobile . . .

For this I use:

- Stickers (you can cut the hearts in felt or paper)

- Embroidery hoops

- fishing line

- Pom-poms

- Ribbon

First I wrap the ribbon around one of the embroidery hoop and put it aside. After I measured the lent of my mobile and left like 20 to 25 inches for tide it to the embroidery hoop

With my strip already cut, take the stickers, and put two of the same in between the stickers, add a pom poms and sticker, you create your own pattern; when you done you can tide them in the embroidery hoop with the rest of the fishing line, pull all together in the center to make the loop to hang it, and you are done

hope you enjoy . . .