Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Prima Flower

My mom was looking in the web, and sends me a picture of a flower and asks me if I can do it.

They call it prima flowers

For this flower you will need:

- Tulle any color

- Scissors

- Tea candle with a glass

- Tweezers

- Brass

first of all you need to determine what size of flower you want,  for this I use a 3" circles you need about 7 and a bras, you can use a plain brass or decorative, if you use plain you can put on tap a pretty jewelry or button


After you cut your circles, you folded in a 1/4, and hold them with your tweezers, how I show you in the picture

light up your candle, and get close the tulle, only need the warm, not direct to the flame, (tulle burn real easy), recommended you try one first, can a rotate it around, to the ends of the circles get crispy a little bit.

The circles my glue together but don’t worry, jus take them apart and unfold it. When you done with all the circles it is time to ensemble the flower

You will star overlapping each circle (I use 7 circles for this flower), when you finish, use the brass in the middle, and open it, you can use a gem or a button to give different finish; and is done.