Wednesday, January 26, 2011

napking paper flowers

Valentines is around the corner, between work kids and hubby I been do a little crafts, I start with this napkin flowers.

The flowers are super easy to do, I saw last year the tutorial in dana made it, and I make some for my little girl birthday party.

To make the napkin flowers you will need:

- Napkins (you can buy in the dollar store)

- Pipe cleaner

- Scissors

First you unfold 4 napkins of the same color, for the center I use something that contrast, but cut the border of this so get a little smile, how I show in the picture below

When you have your napkins together you star to fold all of them about an inch each fold to form a fan

In the middle you will tied it with the pipe cleaner, you can use string also.

After you tide it, cut the ends to give the shape

Now you open the petals and give the shape

And it is done

Here is one of the places I put this flowers